Drag Etiquette

Attending a drag show can be a fun and entertaining experience, and it's important to be respectful and considerate of the performers and fellow audience members. Here are some etiquette and rules to keep in mind when attending a drag show:

1. Respect the performers:
- Treat the drag performers with respect, just as you would any other entertainer.
- Cheer, applaud, and show your appreciation for their talent and hard work.

2. Appropriate attire:
- Dress comfortably and appropriately for the venue, but remember that drag shows often encourage creative and expressive clothing choices.

3. Audience participation:
- Be attentive and engage with the show, but avoid interrupting the performers during their acts unless they invite audience participation. DO NOT stand up and start dancing on the entertainer.
- Follow any guidelines or cues given by the performers for when and how to interact.

4. Respect personal space:
- Be mindful of personal space and avoid touching the performers without their consent.
- Keep your hands to yourself and avoid inappropriate or invasive behavior.

5. No heckling or hate speech:
- Avoid making negative comments, heckling, or using hate speech during the show. Drag performers may engage in playful banter with the audience, but it should always be in good fun.

6. Tipping:
- Tipping is a common practice at drag shows. Bring some cash to tip the performers during their numbers if you enjoy their performance.
- Be sure to hold money high so performers can see it, avoid placing money in unwanted areas of the performer unless gestured by the performer. 
- We always provide QR codes for digital tipping, be sure to get this info before the show starts. 

7. Manners:
- Do not obstruct the view of others by standing or leaning in front of them.
- Be sure to clean up after yourself. Place any trash in the appropriate trash bin.

8. Be on time:
- Arrive on time or a little early to ensure you don't disrupt the show or the audience when finding your seat.

9. Be open-minded and inclusive:
- Drag shows often celebrate diversity, gender expression, and different identities. Approach the experience with an open heart and a willingness to learn.

10. Follow venue rules:
- Respect the rules and policies of the venue, including any age restrictions, dress codes, and safety guidelines.

11. After the show:
- If you want to meet the performers after the show, wait until they are available for photos and interactions. Be patient and respectful of their time.

Remember that drag shows are about celebrating creativity, self-expression, and talent. By following these etiquette and rules, you can contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.